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Our Process

We approach each new engagement with a time-tested, consultative process with you and your family’s needs at the center. In a series of face-to-face meetings, we accomplish two things: a forum for open dialogue to understand your values and goals, and more importantly, the necessary time to get to know you and the unique situations you have.

  1. Discovery Meeting
  2. Wealth Management Plan Meeting
  3. Mutual Commitment Meeting
  4. Strategy Implementation Meeting
  5. Regular Progress Meetings

We meet with you and your family for a Discovery Meeting. Based on the Discovery Meeting, we will develop a draft Wealth Management plan and present our plan to you at a Wealth Management Plan meeting. Based on your feedback, we will further refine your Wealth Management Plan and conduct a Mutual Commitment Meeting to finalize the plan. The Strategy Implementation Meeting is for reviewing the details of how we will implement the plan for you. Lastly, we will meet on a regular basis to review your plan’s progress toward its goals.

*Disclosure: Diversification and asset allocation strategies do not assure profit or protect against loss. Investing involves risk. Depending on the types of investments, there may be varying degrees of risk. Investors should be prepared to bear loss, including loss of principal.

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