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How Much Do You Pay Your Advisor?

BlueSky Wealth Advisors CEO, David Blain, CFA explains the confusing world of Wall Street fees.

I read, with dismay, an article in the Wall Street Journal the other day that described a journalist’s frustrating odyssey to figure out how much she was paying in total investment costs to her advisor. Without recreating the entire story (you can read it here ), suffice to say she couldn't figure it out on her own and when she called the advisory firm, she got three or four answers from various people at the firm, the first being that her fee was only $150 per year. Her own “personal” advisor got it wrong the first time.  They even told her to go to a third-party website to look up the expense ratio of the funds herself…Not the experience you should expect or deserve from an advisory firm in 2017. 

Retirement Planning for Single Parents


It is a challenge – and it must be met.

Market Update: February 19, 2016

Stock markets were mostly unchanged and volume was lighter than normal for an option expiration day.  Bond yields also crept lower despite inflationary data from Consumer Prices in the U.S.

Commodities Corner: February 19, 2016

Commodity and futures markets were extremely quiet today as volume seemed to be low, with many senior traders away for vacation. The dollar lost ground against all other currencies despite Consumer Price data from the U.S., which were inflationary and would normally have provided a boost to the dollar.


The true cost of college

In some families, parents cover the entire cost of college. In others, the college student pays 100 percent by working his way through school and possibly taking out loans (you have to ask yourself whether this student might have a better appreciation for the educational experience).

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