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Kathy Longo quoted in's 13 goals for Investors in 2019

Kathy was recently quoted on about how establishing realistic goals can keep you on track for better financial outcomes.

Jay Pluimer Takes a Seat at the Kid's Table for a Good Cause

Jay Pluimer recently sat down at the kid's table to have a talk with YWCA Minneapolis about his work with Mike O'Keefe as co-chairs of YWCA giving circle. Jay's signature effort, Circle of Men, first formed to support the fundraising event Circle of Women, has recently expanded its efforts to help make high-quality Early Childhood Education more accessible to all through philanthropy and advocacy. 



Discussing Finance With Family — Kathy Longo Shares Her Expertise With Barron's

Always an advocate for open conversations around money and financial planning Kathy Longo recently shared her expertise with Barron's for their article, How to Talk to Your Family About Money. 

How to Live With Your Partner in Unmarried Bliss

By: Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA

People are getting married less and living together more. This is true for all demographics, including retirement-age couples.

The choice to remarry among those over 50 has been replaced by the choice to instead, live together unmarried has increased by 75% between 2007 and 2016.[i] Baby Boomers continue to divorce at double the rate they did in 1990 (what’s called Gray Divorce for couples over 50).[ii] There is an increased social acceptance regarding living together without marrying for older couples. But the other reason is women not wanting to marry later in life.

Listen to Kathy Longo on CONVERSATIONS Podcast broadcast by KISW Rock 99.9 FM

We are excited to announce that Kathy Longo's interview on Conversations has been broadcast on KISW via

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Filling Out the FAFSA

Philanthropy and Giving in Your Family Legacy

By: Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA

Once thought to be the exclusive arena of the ultra-wealthy, charitable giving has become a national phenomenon across all tax brackets and households. In fact, charitable giving surged to a record high of over $400 billion in 2017 alone, and Individual giving accounts for the majority of those donations. [i]

Philanthropy and giving are not only good for the charities and organizations receiving the donations, but for the givers themselves. Research has shown that charitable giving can help you feel better, improve life satisfaction and even activate the reward centers of your brain. [ii]

What do Investing and Physical Training Have in Common?

By: Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA

Susan decided to do something for herself after years of working in an office, raising a family, and focusing on other people. She wanted to get into better shape and knew the health benefits, specifically for women, of incorporating strength and resistance training into her exercise routine. Weight training makes bones denser and helps the body build muscle; since 80% of people suffering from osteoporosis are women, anything to help improve bone health with age is a good option.[i] After trying a few exercise classes and rotating through the gym equipment, she decided to raise the stakes and train for a triathlon. Triathlons involve running, biking and swimming, and are a challenging test of endurance for even the most seasoned athletes. Susan had a goal and she stuck to it, training in preparation for months. She gained muscle, lost inches and felt empowered. She completed the triathlon and started looking for her next challenge.  

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