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The Tricky Truth of Inheritance in the 21st Century

Inheritances are a complicated thing. Not only are there often strings attached in the eyes of the government, unexpected taxes, and complicated bequeathments, but there are also potential conflicts within families. And not to mention the fact that the potential windfall was the result of a relative's death. Inheritances are very complicated.

Kathy Longo featured in Authority Magazine published by Advantage Media

How a Female Financial Pioneer is Reshaping Women’s Experiences in Wealth

By: Roya Rodieck

What Could You Do With Your Tax Refund?




About 70% of taxpayers receive sizable refunds from the Internal Revenue Service. Just how sizable? The average refund totals about $2,800.1


What do households do with that money? It varies. Last year, consumer financial services company Bankrate asked Americans about their plans for their federal tax refunds. Thirty-one percent of the respondents to Bankrate’s survey said that they would save or invest those dollars, and 28% indicated they would attack their debts with the money. Another 27% said they would buy food with that cash or use it to pay utility bills. Just 6% said they would earmark their refunds for shopping sprees or vacations.2


Belly Up To The RMD ATM

Many Baby Boomers face required minimum distributions from their retirement accounts in 2017.

As we reported in our blog from March 23, 2016, the oldest (aged 70½ or older) of the nation’s 75 million baby boomers, must begin annual withdrawals from their tax-sheltered retirement accounts and pay taxes on those distributions. This mandatory movement of cash could total hundreds of billions in the coming decades.

Commodities Corner: March 10, 2016

Equity and fixed income markets struggled to find direction today.  Despite being initially cheered by the European Central Bank’s decision to drastically expand their monetary policy program, both markets fell once the bank announced that further rate cuts were unlikely.

Commodities Corner: March 4, 2016

Equity markets continued their recent upward surge thanks to a larger than expected gain in jobs for the month of February, with the government reporting an increase in non-farm payrolls of 242,000 jobs. However, many observers noted that the quality of the report was poor, as average hourly earnings actually declined in addition to the average hours worked per week, implying that the gain

Commodities Corner: February 29, 2016

Stock markets ended February with a thud, giving up an earlier 1% rally and ending down ½% following disappointing economic data from a Chicago Manufacturing Index and national Pending Home Sales.  Fixed income markets were relatively unchanged at days’ end.

What regulators say about conflicts of interest in the financial services industry

Investors tell me that it's hard for them to understand what a "conflict of interest" might be in a relationship with their financial advisers.  

It's true that it is tough for customers to identify conflicts.  You almost have to be an insider to really be knowledgeable.   

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